About Us

It all started with an interest that grew into a passion...

Nothing But Tech started with Rui Dias when he was 12 years old and his father bought him his first computer. At the same time his school gained access to the internet, which allowed for his curiosity and knowledge in the area of technology to grow. From there Rui began to disassemble and re-assemble his computer, learning the ins and outs of how his computer worked and the hardware side of technology.

With this new-found knowledge, Rui soon became the tech expert friends and family would go to whenever they had computer issues. His desire to help others and master computer technology allowed him to build a small network of customers who relied on him for help and repairs.

A push from a good friend who asked "why don't you put this into good use?" became the final stepping stone to launching Rui into this new career path. Although he continued to assist his friends and family, Rui expanded his network to bring in new clients. Meanwhile, he took on full time jobs at local tech stores in Winnipeg to master his craft while learning how to run a successful technology company.

Now, 18+ years since his Dad purchased their first computer, Rui owns and operates his own tech repair store and continues his passion of helping people with their computers. Since 2013, Rui has been running his own business from his home and opening a retail location in September 2016, which stands as a testament to the confidence and trust that he has established with his clientele over the years. We invite you to be one of them!